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The 27th International Scientific Conference “Strategic Management and Decision Support Systems in Strategic Management (2022)“ aims to promote and develop high-quality research of all aspects of strategic managements, especially decision support in strategic management. The Conference is a forum for researchers and practitioners to interact, collaborate and develop the field of strategic management. The topic of this year’s Conference is “Strategizing in the time of Covid19 pandemic: continuity and improvement of business”.
The economic, political, environmental, social and health challenges we are currently facing, as well as the constant development of information technologies and digitalization of business, have created a new, changed business environment. The task of researchers in the field of economics, management and business informatics is to find ways to overcome the challenges and discover new opportunities for development. Many business models have become inadequate, while others have experienced rapid, unplanned development. In both cases, adjusting to the new normality necessitates strategic changes. The formation of new strategies will be influenced by the fact that every crisis situation can open new possibilities and act as a catalyst for development. In that sense, it is necessary to think strategically and adjust business models in order to maintain and improve the business of organizations and economies of countries.


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2023: Proceedings of the 28th International Scientific Conference Strategic Management and Decision Support Systems in Strategic Management
Published: 2023-11-28


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